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Be demanding concerning the performance of your investments.

Our No. 1 objective: to maximise your performance. For over 20 years, thanks to their global approach, our managers have regularly outperformed the average of the global stock market.

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* Legal notice: net annualized performance. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. The shown result is the real performance all charges deducted of the model portfolio of the Balanced mandate. This mandate is a discretionary contract, supplied by TreeTop Asset Management Belgium, accessible as of 250 000 euros, by which you authorize our fund managers to invest your portfolio according to strict directives and a long-term strategy.

What makes the TreeTop investment method unique?

The stock exchange requires expertise. Invest only in funds managed by talented fund managers.


A high-quality service for beginners or experienced investors

Finding opportunities and managing investments on the stock market demand a lot of discipline and time.

Our fund managers do it for you.

  • Sharing our expertise in investment and the stock market
  • Assisting you in managing and organising your investment portfolio
  • Model portfolios to clarify your choices
  • Intuitive online investment site with access to all our resources
  • A team of Senior Financial Advisors and a service desk
  • Continuous information regarding your portfolio and our management