Sample of returns of our mandates

Conservative mandate, containing up to 30% international shares: Return : + 3% annualized, or 16,2% gain over 5 years!*

Dynamic mandate, containing up to 100% international shares: Return : + 10,1% annualized, or 61% gain over 5 years!*

*Past performances are no guarantee of future performances.The performances shown are annualized net performances (after fees) of the conservative and dynamic management mandates proposed by TreeTop Asset Management Belgium between 31/12/2012 and 29/12/2017. Each of these mandates is a management mandate accessible from 250.000 EUR by which you authorize our managers to invest your portfolio according to strict directives and a long-term strategy. TreeTop Asset Management Belgium proposes other mandates corresponding to other investment profiles and levels of risk aversion. All investments are risky, and portfolios with the largest percentage of stocks tend to be the riskiest. Equity investments require a long-term vision. The TreeTop Asset Management Belgium mandates do not guarantee any return. By investing, you risk losing part or all of the capital.

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Why TreeTop?

with conviction

We look to support all investors and welcome them into our global, multi-sectoral vision. In addition, most of TreeTop’s assets are invested in the same funds as you are offered.

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and multi-sectoral vision

We strive to seize opportunities whenever they present themselves. Our attention is focused on the timely identification of new regional and sectoral investment themes throughout the world.

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of your assets

Your assets are protected by the deposit guarantee system, for a maximum amount of 100,000 Euros for liquidity in deposits, and a maximum of 20,000 Euros for financial instruments.

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Economic and market environment in the 3rd quarter 2018 by a manager of TreeTop.

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Economic and market environment in the 3rd quarter 2018 by the founder of TreeTop.

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