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Starting from €250

With TreeTop, investment is simple and accessible to everyone. Starting from as little as €250, you can take advantage of our secure and user-friendly platform to invest online. You will find making subscriptions and managing your account to be a highly intuitive experience.

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Starting from €250,000

If you are investing over €250,000, a team of Senior Financial Advisors is at your service to achieve your financial objectives.

Fewer fees = higher return

TreeTop’s primary objective is to maximise your return. That’s why we have set highly attractive rates for index funds.

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For actively managed funds, the fees we apply are tied in part to the return you achieve. Most TreeTop funds are not subject to the Belgian tax on savings.

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Active funds

You can rest easy in the knowledge that each fund is managed by fund managers whose profile and performance information have been made available to you. You will receive regular updates regarding their investment choices and the evolution of your funds.

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Passive funds

TreeTop has launched a global index fund with the goal of offering you simple and reliable access to the potential of the global stock market.

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