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Fund performance

Annual performance
TreeTop Institutional US High Dividend RDT-DBI I EUR

Evolution of the annual performance of TreeTop Institutional US High Dividend RDT-DBI I EUR

Evolution of the NAV (Net Asset Value) of TreeTop Institutional US High Dividend RDT-DBI I EUR

Latest NAV in EUR

Cumulative returns
as of 01-06-2023

YTD -5,96%
1 year -12,18%

Annualized returns as of 01-06-2023

Origin* 1,04%

* from launch date of the sub-fund (2021).

Past performance and NAV evolution are no guarantee of future performance.

Source : Caceis Bank, Belgium Branch for the period 2021 – 2023

The returns are calculated in the reference currency: EUR.

The returns are calculated in the reference currency of the share class, reflect ongoing charges, including management and performance fees, taken from the sub-fund, but do not reflect any entry charges you might have to pay.

General information

Summary of investors’ rights: You can click on for a summary of investors’ rights (in English) in the “Rights of Investors in UCIs managed by TreeTop”.

General information: the word "fund" is used as a generic term to designate SICAVs and sub-funds of SICAVs.
Name of fund TreeTop Institutional
Name of sub-fund TreeTop Institutional US High Dividend RDT-DBI
Type of product/ legal form/ applicable duty and applicable duration Sub-fund of an institutional SICAV under Belgian law with undefinite end
Share class I EUR
Dividend policy Distribution
Launch date 2021
ISIN code BE6331894251
Minimum initial inv. € 1,000,000
Type of fund Non-UCITS
Liquidity Daily
Domicile Belgium
Type of investor Eligible Investors only*
Management fee 0.70%
Performance fee -
Entry fee 0%
Management fees and other administrative or operating costs 1.10%
Transaction costs 0.4%
Stock exchange transaction tax at redemption (or conversion) in Belgium N/A
Belgian tax on savings (Belgian withholding tax at redemption) N/A


Risk indicator

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Lower risk

Higher risk

For more information about the fund’s risks see the latest KID and Information Memorandum.

* Professional investors or who have requested to be listed as eligible investors by the FSMA

Handling of client complaints
Send your complaint, in writing, to the attention of the “Compliance Officer”, at the following address: TreeTop Asset Management Belgium, rue des Francs, 79, 1040 Brussels.
We will send you an acknowledgement of receipt within 5 working days. We will analyze your complaint, if necessary in consultation with the management company, and give a detailed response in the month following its receipt, provided that the complaint is complete and specific.

Mediation service
For complaints relating to investment products and services - address your concern to the financial sector Ombudsman: Banks – Credits - Investments Mediation Service, North Gate II, Avenue Roi Albert II 8 B-1000 Brussels ( or [email protected]).
The mediation service may suggest solutions for resolving the dispute. In the event of a lack of mutual acceptance of the proposed solutions, either party can turn to the competent courts.

Summary of investors’ rights
You can click on for a summary of investors' rights (in English) in the “Rights of Investors in UCIs managed by TreeTop”.



It is essential to read and acknowledge the fund information documents before to subscribe. These documents are available via the documents button. The Information Memorandum and the last annual reports are at your disposal.

You can obtain additional information on this fund, including the KID (in French, English and Dutch), the Information Memorandum (in English), the latest annual report (in French and Dutch) and the most recent price of the shares from the fund management company established at 12, rue Eugène Ruppert, L-2453 Luxembourg or on They are available free of charge.

Fund strategy

The objective of the TreeTop Institutional US High Dividend RDT-DBI sub-fund is twofold: (i) to provide its shareholders with exposure to shares of leading companies listed on US stock exchanges and (ii) to allow its shareholders subject to corporate income tax in Belgium to benefit from the regime of definitively taxed income (RDT), without however limiting the Management Company's ability to invest in authorised assets which do not give right to the tax advantage established by this RDT regime.
The Fund will seek to achieve its objective by investing in a concentrated portfolio of 8 to 12 shares of companies selected from the components of the Dow Jones Industrial Average (the "Dow") directly held in the portfolio. The Dow constituents are shares of 30 leading companies listed on US stock exchanges. The Management Company will select 8 to 12 constituents from the Dow amongst the 15 stocks that offer the highest dividend yields at the time of the selection. The Management Company will not invest the Fund's portfolio in certain constituents including: (i) shares of companies which, in the opinion of the Management Company, may not qualify for the RDT scheme, (ii) shares of companies which, according to sources available to the Management Company, are involved in the manufacture and marketing of antipersonnel landmines and cluster bombs. In principle, the selection will be reviewed once a year or if the Dow constituents change.

The Fund may only be subscribed by, Eligible Investors (within the meaning of article 3, 31° of the AIFM Law and also qualifying as a non-US Person). The investment should be viewed as long term and may not be appropriate for all Eligible Investors. The Fund is intended for Eligible Investors with a good understanding of the risks associated with investing in equity stocks and who wish to be invested in a concentrated portfolio of large US companies. Investors must be ready to accept losses due to fluctuations in stock market prices (involving, if applicable, a total loss of their investment).

Fund Manager

TreeTop Asset Management S.A.

We have classified this product as 5 out of 7, which is a medium-high risk class. This indicator assesses potential losses in future returns at a medium-high level, and poor market conditions will likely affect the value of the shares in which the product invests and therefore the value of the product itself.
The Fund is a concentrated portfolio exposed to currency risk as all shares are denominated in USD.
Due to effects of unusual market conditions, other risks could be triggered, such as Regulatory risks. Please refer to the Information Memorandum for more detail.
This product does not include any capital protection from future market performance so you could lose some or all of your investment, but not more than the amount you invested.