A conviction-based approach that isn’t afraid to deviate from the index

Far too often, the approach to active management strays off course and ends up looking a lot like passive management, but with extra fees. The philosophy adopted by TreeTop Asset Management is to apply a genuinely dynamic and independent strategy. Drawing on in-depth analysis and clear convictions, the fund managers pick out securities in undervalued regions and sectors or those which offer potential for significant growth. Very often, they step away from their screens and into the field to get a closer look at the companies concerned. No matter where they are in the world, their multisectoral, global vision is what guides them.

Experts with proven track records

Active funds, by nature, are not risk-free investments. The quality and skill of a fund manager, whose job involves consistently making the right choices for the portfolios they manage, are of paramount importance. In light of the current complexity faced by the stock market and the world economy, TreeTop Asset Management believes it should have only one function: managing the funds in which you invest.

Success requires thinking outside the box

With fund managers actively seeking out investment opportunities around the world in every economic sector, funds managed/promoted by TreeTop regularly outperform their benchmark indexes. Despite the crises and whatever the cycle, there are always companies out there creating value.

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One step ahead of the market

In active funds, the goal is to outperform the average result achieved by reference indexes and markets. In reality, this can be really quite difficult, and those who manage it do so thanks to extensive expertise, analytical precision and firm belief in their investment strategies.

A global vision

Today, if they want to be in the right place at the right time, fund managers must adopt an approach and a strategy which are globally oriented, both at the geographical and the sectoral level. Last but not least, that vision must remain focused on long-term performance.

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