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The site is managed and operated by TreeTop Asset Management S.A. and TreeTop Asset Management Belgium, hereafter collectively referred to as TreeTop.

TreeTop Asset Management S.A. is a limited company under Luxembourg law incorporated for an indefinite period in Luxembourg on March 21, 2005 under the name “Convertible Advisory Management” and later “Camfunds S.A.”. Its subscribed and paid up capital is € 4,900,460.

It is intended for :

  • the collective management of Luxembourg or foreign UCITS [OPCVM] approved in accordance with the EU directive 2009/65/CE as amended, as well as other Luxembourg or foreign OPCs.
  • the exercise, for Luxembourg and foreign alternative investment funds as defined in the European Directive 2011/61/EU, the functions of investment management, administration, commercialization and other activities related to these funds.

TreeTop Asset Management S.A. head office is located at 12, rue Eugène Ruppert, L-2453 Luxembourg. TreeTop Asset Management S.A. is a management company listed under number B-106890 at the Luxembourg Registry of Commerce and authorised in Luxembourg by the Financial Sector Supervisory Commission (CSSF, Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier) under chapter 15 of the Law of 17 December 2010 concerning collective investment entities and as a hedge fund manager as defined in the Luxembourg law of 12 July 2013.

TreeTop Asset Management Belgium is a limited company under Belgian law, authorised to act as a stockbroking firm under the prudential supervision of the National Bank of Belgium (the “NBN”), boulevard de Berlaimont 14, 1000 Brussels, tel. +32(0)2 220 21 11,

TreeTop Asset Management Belgium’s headquarters are located rue des Francs 79, 1040 Brussels. It is registered with the company directory (Banque Carrefour des Entreprises) under the number 0838.480.272.


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