Save or invest?

On the heels of the digital revolution and globalisation, the world of investment has experienced a dramatic change. It has become much simpler and faster to invest, but the global stock market has become extremely complex.

Discover the 4 key principles for successful investment

Invest at your own pace

TreeTop’s periodic investment plan is a perfect tool to:

  • Save at your own pace on a monthly or quarterly basis
  • Diversify your investments over time and geographically
  • Invest in the global Stock Market through the range of TreeTop funds from €250

Invest over time

Although it is never too late to start, it’s good to know that starting young allows to get a far better result for a much smaller effort! This is the principle of the compound interest, where accumulated earnings also generate returns.

Saving €250 every month with a yearly net return of: 3% 5% 8%

This simulation should be used for information purposes only and is based on constant linear assumptions. It should be noted that the returns of investment funds can fluctuate significantly over time and therefore performance will be unpredictable and non-linear in nature. Calculation details and performance assumptions are available at TreeTop Asset Management Belgium on request.

How do you plan your financial future?

Discover our financial planning simulator to estimate how much to invest each month and define the plan which fits to your own needs, situation and ambitions.

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