Private Wealth Management

If you are investing over €250,000, you can request assistance from a dedicated Financial Advisor. They are here to offer you personal assistance and guide you through the range of funds managed and distributed by TreeTop Asset Management. They will work with you to ensure you find the right solution, tailoring it to your goals and your risk profile.

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Estate planning

Planning and organising the transfer of your wealth is no simple task. There is a whole host of complex situations, laws and solutions that will need to be navigated. But don’t worry – TreeTop Asset Management can put you in touch with independent experts who will ensure you get the support and advice you need.

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Regular updates and learning opportunities

Becoming a TreeTop client will give you access to a quarterly report on your investments and, via our website or our newsletter, information on the choices made by our fund managers and a detailed analysis for each fund. We regularly pick out relevant articles covering a wide range of investment topics to help you learn and master the art of investing.

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