Jacques Berghmans

Starting his career at Merrill Lynch in 1981, Jacques put in 20 years of service, climbing his way up to the position of Vice President. He later joined Banque Degroof as a fund manager until 2005.

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Hubert d'Ansembourg

Hubert started out as Secretary General of the Centre Européen de Recherche sur l’Investissement (European Centre for Investment Research) in 1974. He joined SECAF in 1981 and later moved to Bonnewijn, Renwart, Van Goethem & Co where he headed up portfolio management. Following the acquisition of BRG, in 2000 he began working at Banque Degroof until 2005.

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Our calling

We set up our own investment funds so that we can offer our clients first-class expertise combined with direct access to the performance of the global stock market. As an independent player, we look to support all investors and welcome them into our global, multisectoral vision.

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Our commitments

It’s crystal clear to our clients why they choose to invest with us.

  • High-conviction management

    Within our active funds offering, we make independent choices based on clear, in-depth analysis driven by our quest to achieve long-term outperformance for our clients.

  • A full transparency policy

    We explain and share our choices with our clients.

  • Always one step ahead

    Driven by a long-term vision, our active management approach is focused on the detection of regions and sectors around the world which are and/or will experiencing high growth.

  • A healthy spread of risk

    Our approach both to active and passive management involves diversifying our investments by sector and by region in an effort to spread the risks.

  • Remuneration policy

    A significant part of our commission on active management is tied to performance, while our fees for passive management are among the lowest in the market.

  • Invested in our own funds

    Most of TreeTop’s assets are invested in the very same solutions we offer to our clients.

TreeTop’s key figures



TreeTop Asset Management manages a limited set of investment funds worth almost €1 billion.



€170 million(1) in shareholders’ equity primarily invested in SICAV funds managed by TreeTop Asset Management.



TreeTop funds often rank among the best in their category.

(1) Consolidated figure on 31/12/2018.
(2) TreeTop funds are often ranked amongst the best in their category www.bloomberg.com, https://lipperfundawards.com, www.trends.be, www.morningstar.com, http://www.acquisition-intl.com, http://www.corporatelivewire.com). Rankings and awards can be seen in the sites of bodies that have awarded us these distinctions.

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