Despite crisis and recessions, the world is in a period of fantastic progress driven by innovation. Opportunities do exist. The important thing is to have a globally minded approach to identify investments that provide long term rewards. Jacques Berghmans

His management style

His management style aims to identify global themes that are likely to lead to significant economic changes. From these promising themes, he then chooses 20 to 30 companies that he feels offer the potential for long-term growth. He makes his selection after careful analysis of data and charts from research carried out by brokers, and substantiating this with individual company visits and calls. What's more, he spends time each year in Asia so as to understand how business works - and how it is changing. To diversify the sources of return and the risks, his portfolio focuses on three major zones: Europe, Asia and the Americas, across different economic sectors.

His professional career

Berghmans' passion for finance is hardly new. As an adolescent, he used to collect the balance sheets of listed companies. Jacques Berghmans has been managing portfolios that invest worldwide for more than 30 years. His career started at Merrill Lynch International in 1981, where he worked as financial advisor in Amsterdam, Brussels and Luxembourg for 20 years. For more than 5 years, he was a member of the very select Merrill Lynch Chairman’s Club and the Eagle’s Club. In 1988, he decided to create, together with Hubert d’Ansembourg, the first SICAV that is part of TreeTop’s offer. In 2001, he joined Banque Degroof as a fund manager. In 2005, again with Hubert d’Ansembourg, he created Convertible Advisory Management, which became TreeTop Asset Management in 2007.

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