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Fewer than 6% of fund managers regularly beat their reference index. Since their creation, the TreeTop funds managed by our experts have been consistently ranked among the best in their category(1) .

For more information about the range of the funds offered by TreeTop Asset Management, consult the section TreeTop funds.

(1) The TreeTop funds are regularly ranked amongst the best in their category (www.bloomberg.com, http://excellence.thomsonreuters.com/award/lipper, www.trends.be, www.morningstar.com, http://www.acquisition-intl.com). The rankings and awards can be consulted on the sites of the bodies that have bestowed these distinctions on us.

There’s no secret,
just a strategic vision and an atypical approach.

with conviction

We advocate an atypical approach based on conviction. We focus on the independent selection of securities in undervalued regions or sectors. We endeavour to think critically and to act dynamically upon clear beliefs supported by in-depth analysis.

Global and
multi-sectoral vision

We strive to seize opportunities whenever they present themselves. Our attention is focused on the timely identification of new regional and sectoral investment themes throughout the world.

Obtaining high-quality

The fund managers of TreeTop Asset Management know how vital the quality of information is for performance. They go into the field in order to get as close as possible to companies and markets with the greatest potential.

"I am glad to share my passion and to make the best of the global stock market accessible to everyone."

Jacques Berghmans,
Co-founder of TreeTop Asset Management

At a time when the economy is globalizing, the job of a fund manager demands a superior level of competence and involvement.

The fund managers at TreeTop Asset Management devote all of their time to make predictions, leave the beaten track and see further ahead.

"There is no bad time to invest in the stock market. Only good places. You have to identify undervalued companies in certain regions of the world and seize these opportunities"

Jacques Berghmans
Co-founder and fund manager of TreeTop Asset Management

Meet Jacques

"Thanks to a keen understanding of how wealth is created, we use thematic analysis to identify and exploit sources of growth."

Andrew Dalrymple
Aubrey Capital Management Ltd fund manager

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