No intermediary.
No additional fees.

By investing with TreeTop Online, you opt for a direct relationship with a fully independent company which has launched and manages its own investment funds. Thanks to this direct link, you take advantage of very competitive tariffs by eliminating the intermediary, a role usually played by your bank.

TreeTop Asset Management’s independence

50 ​Euros refunded on your ​transfer fees

Do you ​already ​have TreeTop equities attached to a​ ​financial institution? Transfer them on your TreeTop account and​ ​receive 50 ​E​uros per line for your​ ​transfer​ fees​.

Read the conditions of the action "Transfer Fee"

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For the participants to the Premium of €400 and/or Bonus of 1% actions who have opened an account between 01/10/2016 and 15/12/2016 or who made a new investment between 15/12/2016 and 15/01/2017: Read the conditions Premium of €400 (Dutch or French) and/or Bonus of 1% (Dutch or French)


You can always access all of our tariffs. You know which services have no costs attached and which services are billed. By not having to pay intermediary charges normally levied by your regular financial partner, you benefit from very competitive fees.

  • There are no entry fees for subscription to actively managed funds and for the index funds, only the entry fee of 0.1% charged by the fund is applicable

    Through TreeTop Online or through a discretionary management mandate, investment advice mandate or reception and transmission of client orders mandate signed with TreeTop Asset Management Belgium.

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  • Brokerage fee of 9 Euros per transaction via TreeTop Online

    No brokerage fee for Wealth Management clients, nor as part of an investment plan.

  • No custodian fees

  • No account maintenance fees

Put your money to work right away.

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