About TreeTop
Asset Management

TreeTop Asset Management is a management company founded in 2005 by Jacques Berghmans and Hubert d'Ansembourg. It now offers a range of investment funds characterised by global and multi-sector management. These investment funds are managed either directly by the fund managers of TreeTop Asset Management, or by experienced third-party fund managers.

TreeTop Founders

Jacques Berghmans and Hubert d’Ansembourg, Co-founders

Our calling

We set up our own investment funds so that we can offer our clients first-class expertise combined with direct access to the performance of the global stock market.

As an independent player, we look to support all investors and welcome them into our global, multisectoral vision.

Our fundamental value is to share our expertise with you, supporting you in your investment choices over the long term.

Our commitments

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Investing alongside you

Most of TreeTop group’s assets are invested in the very same solutions we offer to our investors. Every investment decision made by our managers has a direct impact on us.

Offering simple and diversified investment solutions

We offer both actively managed global equity funds, passive global equity funds, and global patrimonial fund in which we introduce a fixed income component.

Genuine active conviction management

Driven by long-term vision, the managers of our active funds are focused on the detection of regions and sectors around the world which are or soon will be experiencing high growth. Within our active funds offering, we make independent choices based on clear, in-depth analysis driven by our quest to achieve long-term outperformance.

Global passive management with low costs

In our passive fund offering, we simply seek to best replicate the performance of widely diversified global equity indices with minimal management costs. This approach allows us to take advantage of the long-term growth potential of the global economy at a lower cost for our customers.

Transparency with investors

We explain and share our choices with investors through conferences, newsletters and our website.

A healthy spread of risk

Our approach to both active and passive management involves diversifying our investments by sector and by region in an effort to spread the risks.

Remuneration policy

A significant part of our commission on active management is tied to performance. In our passive management offer, investors benefit from advantageous rates.

TreeTop’s key figures

1 billion €
TreeTop Asset Management manages a limited set of investment funds worth over €1 billion.
200 million € Consolidated figure on 31/12/2022.
in shareholders' equity of TreeTop group primarily invested in funds managed by TreeTop Asset Management.
34 Awards Rankings and awards can be seen in the sites of bodies that have awarded us these distinctions.
TreeTop funds often rank among the best in their category.