Philanthropic funds

Invest with TreeTop SICAV and enjoy 3 positive effects

With the fund that cares, you invest globally and donate, at the start, a nice amount to the community.

In collaboration with the King Baudouin Foundation


A management fee of only 0.10% per year applies, if you make a donation of 2%, fully attributed to one of the 5 societal projects of your choice.

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Your entry gift is accompanied by a right to a tax reduction equal to 45% of the donation. You receive a tax certificate from the King Baudouin Foundation, which supervises and transfers the donations to the selected projects.

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Easy access to the global stock markets, intelligently distributed and managed at a lower cost.

General information: The word "fund" is used as a generic term to designate SICAVs, sub-funds of SICAVs and classes of sub-funds of SICAVs.

Donate your entry gift to one of these 5 societal projects

Guided by the King Baudouin Foundation, 5 relevant projects have been selected that all focus on personal development. Choose the project you care most about.

Discover the 5 societal projects

MOOCs Louvain

These are online courses open to the world via the edX platform. Like MIT, Harvard and UC Berkeley, UCL also shares its expertise with more than 250,000 students from 200 countries.



MicroStart offers microcredit and professional support to small Belgian start-up entrepreneurs and small Belgian businesses that are expanding. Because everyone, regardless of their income, their education and their origins, has the right to take control of their destiny.



The objective of the COMEQUI volunteers is to restore dignity to the rural populations around Lake Kivu by providing "tools" enabling these inhabitants of the Congo to increase their income.


The BOOST project

The BOOST project supports disadvantaged young people in Belgium to increase their chances of success in higher education. They benefit from coaching and receive a budget.



The youth aid organization Habbekrats has opened 11 warm houses for children and young people. It also organizes many camps. Young people with mental health problems can find a listening ear and professional help.


General information about the Sub-fund TreeTop World Equity Index

(For classes C and CH related to the entry gift)

Legal form: Sub-fund of an Open ended fund under Belgian law, TreeTop SICAV
Type of financial product: Undertaking for Collective Investment
Duration of the product: Indefinite
Management company: TreeTop Asset Management S.A., a Management company under Luxembourg law
Fund Manager: Amundi Asset Management
Liquidity: Daily (NAV published in L’Echo & DeTijd)
Fund objective: Replicate, as closely as possible, the performance of the MSCI ACWI Index
Portfolio composition: Mainly shares of companies worldwide


  • Broad diversified portfolio
  • Multi-sectoral strategy
  • Global strategy


  • Risk on loss of capital and no performance guarantee
  • Market risk, mainly the risk associated with investments made in currencies other than the Euro for class C
  • Counterparty risk linked to the possible failure of a market entity

Management fee 0,10% per annum
Ongoing charges: 0,38% per annum (C) / 0,30% per annum (CH)
Minimum subscription: 2500€
Non recurrent costs linked to the compartment: 0,1% at subscription and 0,05% on redemption
Stock exch. transaction tax: 1,32% (max. 4 000€)
Belgian savings tax on redemption: Not applicable
Belgian withholding tax: Not applicable
Class C: Share class reserved for investors who have an account with the Distributor, TreeTop Asset Management Belgium, and who instruct the Distributor at the time of subscription to make a donation (entry gift) in their name to the King Baudouin Foundation, corresponding to 2 % of their investment (an investment of 100, a subscription of 98 and a donation of 2).
Class CH: Difference with class C: Class with partial currency hedging
Donation: 2% at the time of subscription

Every investment in the sub-fund must take place in accordance with the relevant legal documentation in force (Key Investor Information and prospectus available in French and in Dutch) as well as the articles of association and the (semi) annual reports, available free of charge in French and in Dutch, on simple request, at TreeTop Asset Management Belgium, 79 Frankenstraat bus 7, 1040 Brussels or on The prospectus and the key investor information document must be read before any investment decision. The tax treatment of a financial product is subject to regular changes and also differs according to the personal situation of each investor. Investors are therefore asked to inquire with their usual tax advisor about the tax regime that applies to them. Complaints can be made to the "Compliance officer" of TreeTop Asset Management Belgium (address mentioned above) or to the Mediation Service: Ombudsfin, North Gate II, Koning Albert II-laan 8, B-1000 Brussels ( or [email protected]).

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Funds Information for the investor Latest NAV Manager(s) Year of launch
TreeTop World Equity Index C
It is essential to read and acknowledge the fund information documents before to subscribe. These documents are available via the documents button. The KIID, prospectus and the last annual and semi annual reports are at your disposal. 1493,50
Amundi Asset Management 2017
TreeTop World Equity Index CH
It is essential to read and acknowledge the fund information documents before to subscribe. These documents are available via the documents button. The KIID, prospectus and the last annual and semi annual reports are at your disposal. 1427,35
Amundi Asset Management 2017